Magic Item Generator

Language Used: C# WinForms

Skills Used:

  • Practice Designing User Interfaces and their Functionality
  • Writing Generated Data to a File
  • More Practice with the C# Language

Project Overview:

This project started as an idea from a friend. He was running a Dungeons and Dragons group I was apart of and was talking about how he wished there was an easier way of creating magical items for his games, since it took about 5 minutes to generate one magical item. I offered to create him a program that, given a couple parameters, will generate him a collection of magical items. He was interested, and sent me some lists of possible items, enchantments, and other details I needed.

Current Progress: User Interface Designing Complete

As of now, the program’s interface has been made and been approved by my friend. The next step is to wire everything up to make it functional. First step will be Enabling/Disabling UI components as they become usable/unusable. For example, he shouldn’t be able to generate items if the number of items isn’t given. Once that step is done, then it will be the main process of the program, of generating such items and displaying them to the output.

The next steps to this project is the implementation of the program, setting up the logic behind it all. Setting up the randomization and displaying the data I don’t think will very hard to implement. The area in which I want to challenge myself is how to store in all the data for the different types of possible items and their descriptions. I debating between two different ideas for their implementation: a database for each major group of item, or multiple different enumerated types. As of now, I’m leaning towards a database being the most ideal solution to this problem, but I have never used enumerated types before, and this project might be a good introduction to learning them.