I’m Michael, and I’m an alumi of Eastern Washington University. I’ve learned about all different kinds of programming languages and techniques during studies as an undergrad, and continue to learn after graduation. Eastern gave me the tools to start developing, but it’s up to me to continue to grow those skills. While my career as a developer is definitely helping my skills grow, there’s nothing better than making my own ideas come to reality.

This website is a place for me to share different programming projects I have made in my time developing. Some of these projects have been personal projects, requests made by friends of mine, or some cool assignments I’ve worked on back in college. Some are a work in progress still, but I find that sharing the development process can be much more interesting than simply a summary of the finished product as it allows me to show my thought process throughout the entirety of development. It's a bit dusty here on the site, as I'm currently working on revamping it, but most of the content should be in working order!

Anyways, I’ll stop rambling on introductions now. Thanks for taking the time to read these posts, hopefully you can learn something new from them!