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Minecraft is a timeless game for me. I've been playing it near it's creation all the way up to now. I've met some friends through it years ago and still talk to this day, it's a space where I feel like I can be creative within, and was kind of my hobby growing up that led me to the career I'm in today. If you'd like my full minecraft history, you can read it here.

With that, I wanted a space where I can freely share the stuff I've done in the game in a method that fits me. There's plenty of sites that tailor to this, but I feel creating a space myself will make it feel more personalized. Might even become a bit of a time capsule for me to look back on and see what I've made. Perhaps lead to further inspiration!


Continuous Horizons Server

The final backup of the Continuous Horizons server I ran from February 2020 to November 2021

Link to Download
Pantry SMP Season 2

The final backup of the Pantry SMP server I ran for Don Shnack's discord server I ran from December 2022 to January 2023

Link to Download


Vanilla Survival Modpack

Modpack that I use whenever playing vanilla survival minecraft in 1.20.1

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FirePack Modpack

A modded client for 1.20.1 that is like other "kitchen sink" modpacks, but more geared towards first-time players of modded minecraft

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Modded Drehmal

A modded client for 1.17.1 that adds a modded aspect to the game tailored for exploring the Drehmal Adventure Map

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Modded Cobblemon Modpack

Cobblemon but with some modded additions

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Renewable Resources

Adds new methods of obtaining some resources with no feasible method of renewability.

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Cobblemon Outbreaks++

Adds additional mass outbreaks to Cobblemon.

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