Programming Supplement

So I've been working as a Software Engineer for roughly 5 years now, and feel as though I have learned enough from both my education and in the field to be able to pass some of that knowledge down to students wanting to study Computer Science. This supplement isn't meant to be a replacement for formal education on the subject, but something to add onto your education to better hone your skills as a developer. Most of the subjects in here are based on things I've either have seen students struggle with, or skills that I think aren't touched on enough in class.

Each section below will go through an area of programming that I feel deserves time practicing in. They'll each begin with a section of links leading to other sites that provide details of the topic, followed by any additional information I feel should be added. The readings should START HERE

In all, I hope this helps future developers in honing their skills for the real world. In this field, practice truly makes perfect, and the more exposure to programming and problem solving you're exposed to will better prepare you for the workforce.

Supplement Sections