Modded Cobblemon Modpack

Cobblemon with some modded additions in 1.20.1.


Prism Launcher Modrinth Server

As some may know, I'm a huge Pokemon fan. I grew up with the series, playing each game since Ruby/Sapphire. I also grew up with Minecraft, so a mod that combines the two of these? Truly incredible. I've played Pixelmon in the past, which I have no complaints with, it was a ton of fun! Cobblemon is quite a bit newer and with far less feature, but it appears to be much more integrated into the "Minecraft ecosystem". The Pokemon models are cube-like, advancement through the mod is much closer tied to Minecraft, and the battle system utilizes the Pokemon Showdown Battle Simulator API. I like the feel of this a lot more, as it's like Pokemon has been added in addition to minecraft's gameplay, rather than completely overhauling the game like Pixelmon.

Some friends and I wanted to play this mod, so I went looking at some modpacks that included Cobblemon and most seemed to fit one of two categories:

  1. Was just Cobblemon, some add-ons for it, and performance mods.
  2. Cobblemon and every other mod under the sun.
Since my friends were fairly new to modded Minecraft, I didn't want to overwhelm them with a massive modpack, but I still wanted some bigger mods available for us modded veterans. The closest balance I could find was Cobblemon Steam Rising, but it didn't have enough mods to it. So, using it as a base, I created this modpack! Granted, it grew a lot bigger than I was expecting it to, but I think it achieves the balance I was looking for. Of course, the centerpiece of this pack is Cobblemon, along with a bunch of add-ons that add some of the missing features that the base mod doesn't have implemented yet. Alongside that, there's a number of key mods that help give that "modded Minecraft" feel:

The downloads also include folders for datapacks and resource packs to add some additional Pokemon that aren't included in the base mod. To use them, enable all the resource packs included (even if it says the pack is out of date, it should still work) and then include all the datapacks into whatever world you create.

We haven't fully tested out this pack, but I think it strikes the perfect balance of Pokemon and modded Minecraft, with the vast amount of options the mods present you with, but not taking the focus away from the Pokemon, more so enhancing how you can interact with them. I'm really looking forward to trying it out!

Included Mods
Name Author Link
3D Skin Layers tr7zw Modrinth
Accelerated Decay ErrorMikey Modrinth
Advancement Plaques Grend Modrinth
Advancement Frames MehVahdJukaar Modrinth
Ambient Enviroment Jaredlll08 Modrinth
Ambient Sounds creativemd Modrinth
Amecs Siphalor Modrinth
AppleSkin squeek502 Modrinth
Architectury API shedaniel Modrinth
Athena CTM CodexAdrian Modrinth
bad packets deirn Modrinth
Balm API BlayTheNinth Modrinth
Better Advancements way2muchnoise Modrinth
Better Mount HUD Lortseam Modrinth
Better Ping Display vladmarica Modrinth
Better Runtime Resource Pack Lib SolidBlock Modrinth
Better Statistics Screen TheCSDev Modrinth
BetterF3 TreyRuffy Modrinth
Bookshelf Lib Darkhax Modrinth
Borderless Mining comp500 Modrinth
Cardinal Components API Pyrofab Modrinth
Charm of Undying TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Chipped Terrarium Modrinth
Chunk Loaders SuperMartijn642 Modrinth
Clean Tooltips stal111 Modrinth
CobbleFossil Trep Modrinth
Cobblemizer Dragomordor Modrinth
Cobblemon Cobblemon Modrinth
Cobblemon Capture EXP tmetcalfe89 Modrinth
Cobblemon Counter tmetcalfe89 Modrinth
Cobblemon Fight or Flight rufiaorsomething Modrinth
Cobblemon Integrations Arcaryx Modrinth
Cobblemon Outbreaks Scouter567 Modrinth
Cobblemon Spawn Notifications tmetcalfe89 Modrinth
Cobblemon Unchained tmetcalfe89 Modrinth
CobblemonExtras Xwaffke1 Modrinth
Cobblemore Jolkert Modrinth
CobbleMounts alphaproject217 Modrinth
Cobblepedia VinnyStalck Modrinth
Cobbreeding ludichat31 Modrinth
Comforts TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Connectible Chains legoatoom Modrinth
Cooking For Blockheads BlayTheNinth Modrinth
CraterLib hypherionsa Modrinth
Create Deco talrey Modrinth
Create Enchantment Industry Fabric MarbleGateKeeper Modrinth
Create Fabric tropheusj Modrinth
Create Utilities Duqueeee Modrinth
Create: Steam 'n' Rails IThundxr Modrinth
Create: Structures FusionSwarly Modrinth
CreativeCore creativemd Modrinth
Croptopia thethonk Curseforge
Croptopia Additions Numerosity Curseforge
Cull Less Leaves isxander Modrinth
Decorative Blocks TheWinABagel Modrinth
Display Case chappiepie Modrinth
Distant Horizons jeseibel Modrinth
Elytra Trinket Lakuna Modrinth
Epherolib thethonk Curseforge
Enchanting Infuser Fuzs Modrinth
Enhanced Block Entities FoundationGames Modrinth
Entity Culling tr7zw Modrinth
Expanded Storage Compasses Modrinth
Extended Cogwheels Rabbitminers Modrinth
Extended Drawers MattiDragon Modrinth
Fabric API modmuss50 Modrinth
Fabric Language Kotlin modmuss50 Modrinth
Fabric Seasons D4rkness_King Modrinth
Fabric Seasons: Croptopia Compat D4rkness_King Modrinth
Fabric Seasons: Extras D4rkness_King Modrinth
Fabric Seasons: Terralith Compat D4rkness_King Modrinth
FerriteCore malte0811 Modrinth
Forge Config API Port Fuzs Modrinth
Harvest n643064 Modrinth
Iceberg Lib Grend Modrinth
ImmediatelyFast RaphiMC Modrinth
Inventory Sorter kyrptonaught Modrinth
Item Highlighter Grend Modrinth
Item Physics Lite creativemd Modrinth
JamLib jamalam Modrinth
Just Enough Breeding Christofmeg Modrinth
Just Enough Effects Descriptions MehVahdJukaar Modrinth
Just Enough Items mezz Modrinth
Just Enough Professions Mrbysco Modrinth
Just Enough Resources way2muchnoise Modrinth
LambdaDynamicLights LambdAurora Modrinth
Legendary Tooltips Grend Modrinth
Lithium jellysquid3 Modrinth
Livelier Pokemon necro50n3 Modrinth
Log Cleaner altrisi Modrinth
Lootr noobanidus Modrinth
Macaw's Fences and Doors sketchmacaw Modrinth
Macaw's Furniture sketchmacaw Modrinth
Macaw's Paths and Pavings sketchmacaw Modrinth
Macaw's Trapdoors sketchmacaw Modrinth
Mod Menu Prospector Modrinth
Moonlight Lib MehVahdJukaar Modrinth
More Music arthomnix Modrinth
Mouse Tweaks YaLTeR Modrinth
Nature's Compass Chaosyr Modrinth
Open Simple Frames LoremV Modrinth
Patchouli Button Globox1997 Modrinth
Patchouli Vazkii Modrinth
Polymorph TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Presence Footsteps Sollace Modrinth
Prism Lib Grend Modrinth
Puzzles Lib Fuzs Modrinth
Remove Terralith Intro Message Stardust Modrinth
Resourceful Lib ThatGravyBoat Modrinth
Retraining Mrbysco Modrinth
Season HUD IanAnderson Modrinth
Server Resourcepack Checker henkelmax Modrinth
Shulker Box Tooltip MisterPeModder Modrinth
Simple Discord Rich Presence Sunekaer Modrinth
spark lucko Modrinth
SuperMartijn642's Config Lib SuperMartijn642 Modrinth
SuperMartijn642's Core Lib SuperMartijn642 Modrinth
Supplementaries MehVahdJukaar Modrinth
Terralith Stardust Modrinth
Tips Darkhax Modrinth
Tom's Simple Storage Mod tom5454 Modrinth
ToolStats Darkhax Modrinth
ToolTip Fix kyrptonaught Modrinth
Trinkets API Emi Modrinth
Utility Belt jamalam Modrinth
Vein Mining TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Waystones BlayTheNinth Modrinth
Where are my TMs? corgi-in-tights Modrinth
wthit deirn Modrinth
Xaero's Minimap thexaero Modrinth
Xaero's World Map thexaero Modrinth
Yeetus Experimentus Sunekaer Modrinth