Modded Drehmal Modpack

A modded client for 1.17.1 that adds a modded aspect to the game tailored for exploring the Drehmal Adventure Map.


Prism Launcher Modrinth Launcher Server

A while ago, a friend and I were talking about Drehmal, an adventure map that has been in development for years that could be someone's survival world while also adding RPG elements to the game. I played it years ago, but saw that it's 2.2 Apotheosis update just released. We were looking for something new to play and this looked really fun. However, we thought it would be cool if we made a modpack to go with it.

This pack includes a lot of things to make the game more immersive, a couple of mods to improve storage, exploration, and automation, and some mods to make it even more like an RPG. The main mods we wanted was LevelX and Origins. LevelX adds skill levels that you can level up and unlock different aspects of minecraft as you level up. For example, before you can use diamond tools, you needed to invest enough points into skills to be able to equip them. Origins gave us different races and classes to pick from to have unique skills or attributes. It really did make it feel closer to skyrim and made our experience through the map all that more special.

On the pack itself though, it was a PAIN. Since this is in 1.17.1, a lot of the mods were barely updated for the version, some with bugs that were fixed in later versions. While most of the issues are ironed out, there are still some bugs to be aware of.

Included Mods
Name Author Link
"Slight" GUI Modifications shedaniel Modrinth
3D Skin Layers tr7zw Modrinth
Advancement Plaques Grend_G Curseforge
Advancement Enlarger shedaniel Curseforge
Ambient Enviroment Jaredlll08 Curseforge
Animal Feeding Trough Slexom Curseforge
Animatica FoundationGames Modrinth
AppleSkin squeek502 Modrinth
Applied Energistics 2 shartte Github
Architectury API shedaniel Modrinth
AudioOutput Maximumgame Curseforge
Auth Me Axieum Curseforge
Axes Are Weapons Fourmisain Modrinth
Balm BlayTheNinth Curseforge
Bedspreads TheIllusiveC4 Curseforge
Better Biome Blend FionaTheMortal Modrinth
Better Dropped Items Draylar1 Curseforge
Better Mount HUD Lortseam_ Curseforge
Better Ping Display Quintinity Curseforge
BetterF3 cominixo Curseforge
Bobby Johni0702 Modrinth
Bountiful ejektaflex Modrinth
Campanion Wyn-Price Modrinth
Carrier GabrielHOIv Curseforge
Charmonium svenhjol Curseforge
Cherished Worlds TheIllusiveC4 Curseforge
Chipped terrariumearth Curseforge
Chrono's Compass Ribbon chrono Modrinth
CITResewn shsupercm Modrinth
CleanCut Rongmario Curseforge
Cloth Config API shedaniel Modrinth
Clumps Jaredlll08 Modrinth
Comforts TheIllusiveC4 Curseforge
Connectible Chains legoatoom Curseforge
Continuity peppercode1 Modrinth
Controlling Jaredlll08 Modrinth
Couplings HeckinChloe Curseforge
Crafting Tweaks BlayTheNinth Curseforge
Custom Entity Models dorianpb Curseforge
Custom Stars b3spectacled Curseforge
Disable Custom Worlds Advice rdvdev2 Modrinth
DualRiders Flytre7 Curseforge
Dynamic FPS juliand665 Modrinth
Ears unascribed Modrinth
Eating Animation theoness1 Modrinth
Elements tokisaki_1 Curseforge
Enchantment Descriptions Darkhax Modrinth
Entity Texture Features Traben Modrinth
Entity Culling tr7zw Modrinth
Equipment Compare Grend_G Curseforge
Extra Classes Iankasteria Curseforge
Extra Origins MoriyaShiine Modrinth
Extra Sounds stashymane Curseforge
Fabric API sfPlayer1 Modrinth
Fabric Language Kotlin sfPlayer1 Modrinth
Fabric Skyboxes AMereBagatelle Modrinth
Falling Leaves randommcsomethin Modrinth
Farmer's Delight NewHoryzon Curseforge
FastFurnace Shadows_of_Fire Curseforge
FerriteCore malte0811 Modrinth
Geckolib Gecko Modrinth
Genesis PhantomereLive Curseforge
Glassential Lykrast Curseforge
Iceberg Grend_G Curseforge
Illuminations doctor4t Curseforge
Incantationem Luligabi12 Curseforge
Indium comp500 Modrinth
Industrial Revolution GabrielHOIv Curseforge
Inventory Sorter cpw Curseforge
Iron Chests ProgWML6 Curseforge
Item Highlighter Grend_G Curseforge
Kambrik Ejektaflex Curseforge
KubeJS LatvainModder Curseforge
LambDynamicLights LambdAurora Modrinth
Lapis Reserve sfort__ Curseforge
LazyDFU astei Modrinth
Legendary Tooltips Grend_G Curseforge
LevelZ Globox_Z Curseforge
Light Overlay shedaniel Curseforge
Lithium 2No2Name Modrinth
Luminous Wool zoeytheegoist Curseforge
Medieval Origins ItsParkieLad Curseforge
megane badasintended Curseforge
MmmMmmMmmMmm MehVahdJukaar Curseforge
Mob Captians PuckiSilver Modrinth
Mob Origins UltrusBox Modrinth
Mod Menu Prospector Modrinth
Noooooo fishcute123 Modrinth
Notes reeve567 Curseforge
Nyf's Quivers Nyfaria Curseforge
Origins Apace Curseforge
Origins: Classes Apace Modrinth
Oxidized safrodev Curseforge
owo gliscowo Curseforge
Paintings++ AbsolemJackdaw Curseforge
Particle Rain PigCart Modrinth
Pehkui Virtuoel Modrinth
Phosphor jellysquid3 Modrinth
Polymorph TheIllusiveC4 Curseforge
Presence Footsteps Sollace Modrinth
Quartz Elevator atonkish Curseforge
Reese's Sodium Options FlashyReese Modrinth
Replanter Areuthreateningme Curseforge
Respawnable Pets MoriyaShiine Curseforge
Rhino LatvainModder Curseforge
Roughly Enough Items shedaniel Modrinth
Roughly Enough Resources theorbagain Curseforge
Seamless Loading Screen Minenash Curseforge
Simple RPC hypherionsa Modrinth
Simple Voice Chat henkelmax Curseforge
Snow Under Trees bl4ckscor3 Curseforge
Sodium IMS Modrinth
Sodium Extras FlashyReese Modrinth
Sound Physics Remastered henkelmax Curseforge
spark lucko Curseforge
Tom's Simple Storage Mod tom54541 Curseforge
Tool Stats DarkhaxDev Curseforge
ToolTip Fix kyrptonaught Modrinth
TooManyOrigins Pug Modrinth
Trinkets EmilyPloszaj Curseforge
Twigs ninnih_ Curseforge
Visuality PinkGoosik Curseforge
Water Resistance Potion Alliegaytor Modrinth
WI Zoom alexander9892 Curseforge
Wolves With Armor Draylar1 Curseforge
wthit deirn Modrinth
Xaero's Minimap thexaero Modrinth
Xaero's World Map thexaero Modrinth
Your Options SHall Be Respected shedaniel Curseforge