FirePack Modpack

A modded client for 1.20.1 that is like other "kitchen sink" modpacks, but more geared towards first-time players of modded minecraft.


Prism Launcher Modrinth Launcher

This is a more recent modpack I made for some friends and I to play. For some of them, it's their first time playing modded minecraft, so I wanted something that wasn't too overwhelming for new players, but still had some content for veteran players to enjoy. Overall the world should feel pretty close to normal minecraft, but with more unique biomes through Terralith and a wider variety of animals with Alex's Mobs. The main gameplay loop hasn't changed all that much, but if you explore into the realm of mods there'll be improvements:

We have yet to fully try out this mod, as I'm waiting to obtain a personal server to host the server for us, so the modlist is still subject to some adjustments. We are all looking forward to trying it out and see if we can get the new players hooked onto the modded way of play like the rest of us. xD

Included Mods
Name Author Link
Advancement Frames MehVahdJukaar Modrinth
Alex's Mobs AlexModGuy Modrinth
Ambient Enviroment Jaredlll08 Modrinth
Ambient Sounds creativemd Modrinth
AppleSkin squeek502 Modrinth
Aquaculture 2 Shadow Curseforge
Architectury API shedaniel Modrinth
Artifacts ochotonida Modrinth
Athena API CodexAdrian Modrinth
Balm API BlayTheNinth Modrinth
Beehive Tooltips EDToaster Curseforge
Better Advancements way2muchnoise Curseforge
Better Ping Display vladmarica Modrinth
BetterF3 TreyRuffy Modrinth
Bookshelf Lib Darkhax Modrinth
Bountiful ejektaflex Modrinth
Caelus API TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Canary AbdElAziz Modrinth
Carry On Tschipp Modrinth
Catalogue MrCrayfish Curseforge
Clean Tooltips stal111 Modrinth
Charm of Undying TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Chipped Terrarium Modrinth
Citadel Lib AlexModGuy Modrinth
Cloth Config API shedaniel Modrinth
Clumps Jaredlll08 Modrinth
Collective Serilum Modrinth
Comforts TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Consistency+ Cart3r1234 Modrinth
Controlling Jaredlll08 Modrinth
Cooking For Blockheads BlayTheNinth Modrinth
Cosmetic Armor Reworked LainMI Curseforge
CraftPresence CDAGaming_ Curseforge
Create simibubi Modrinth
CreativeCore creativemd Modrinth
Creeper Firework MarbleGateKeeper Modrinth
Croptopia thethonk Curseforge
Croptopia Additions Numerosity Curseforge
Curios API TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Curious Armor Stands ochotonida Modrinth
Dark Paintings Darkhax Modrinth
Decorative Blocks TheWinABagel Modrinth
Deepslate Instamine nicguzzo Curseforge
Ding iChun Modrinth
Distant Horizons jeseibel Modrinth
Drawers Tooltip Snownee Modrinth
Elytra Slot TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Embeddium embeddedt Modrinth
Embeddium Extra dima_dencep Modrinth
Enchanting Infuser Fuzs Modrinth
Enchantment Descriptions Darkhax Modrinth
Explorify bebebea_loste Modrinth
Fast Leaf Decay olafskiii Curseforge
Fastload StockiesLad Modrinth
FerriteCore malte0811 Modrinth
Framework Lib MrCrayfish Curseforge
Gravestone Mod henkelmax Modrinth
Iceberg Lib Grend Modrinth
Item Highlighter Grend Modrinth
Item Physics Lite creativemd Modrinth
Jade Snownee Modrinth
Jade Addons Snownee Modrinth
Just Enough Archaeology LobsterJohn Modrinth
Just Enough Breeding Christofmeg Modrinth
Just Enough Effects Descriptions MehVahdJukaar Modrinth
Just Enough Items mezz Modrinth
Just Enough Professions Mrbysco Modrinth
Just Enough Resources way2muchnoise Modrinth
Just Mob Heads Serilum Modrinth
Kambrik Lib ejektaflex Modrinth
Kotlin for Forge thedarkcolour Modrinth
KubeJS Lat Modrinth
Lava Clear View Snownee Modrinth
Leave My Bar Alone Fuzs Modrinth
Legendary Tooltips Grend Modrinth
Lootr noobanidus Modrinth
Memory Leak Fix FX Modrinth
Mighty Mail MrCrayfish Curseforge
ModernFix embeddedt Modrinth
Moonlight Lib MehVahdJukaar Modrinth
More Mob Veriants nyuppo Modrinth
Mouse Tweaks YaLTeR Modrinth
Nature's Compass Chaosyr Modrinth
Neat Vazkii Modrinth
Not Enough Animations tr7zw Modrinth
ObsidianUI TexTrue Modrinth
Oculus Asek3 Modrinth
Passive Endermen Serilum Modrinth
Pick Up Notifier Fuzs Modrinth
Polymorph TheIllusiveC4 Modrinth
Prism Grend Modrinth
Puzzles Lib Fuzs Modrinth
Resourceful Lib ThatGravyBoat Modrinth
Retraining Mrbysco Modrinth
Rhino Lib Lat Modrinth
RyoamicLights TexTrue Modrinth
Searchables Lib Jaredlll08 Modrinth
Season HUD IanAnderson Modrinth
Serene Seasons Adubbz Modrinth
Shulker Tooltip ZephaniahNoah Modrinth
Simple Inventory Sorter cpw Curseforge
Simply Harvesting MelanX Modrinth
Sophisticated Backpacks P3pp3rF1y Curseforge
Sophisticated Core P3pp3rF1y Curseforge
Sound Physics Core henkelmax Modrinth
Storage Drawers Texelsaur Curseforge
Supplementaries MehVahdJukaar Curseforge
TerraBlender Lib Adubbz Modrinth
Terralith Stardust Modrinth
TexTrue's Embeddium Options TexTrue Modrinth
Tips Darkhax Modrinth
Tom's Simple Storage Mod tom5454 Modrinth
Tool Belt gigaherz Curseforge
ToolStats Darkhax Modrinth
Vein Mining TheIllusiveC4 Curseforge
Visuality: Reforged RaymondBlaze Modrinth
Xaero's Minimap thexaero Modrinth
Xaero's World Map thexaero Modrinth