Vanilla Survival Modpack

Modpack that I use whenever playing vanilla survival minecraft in 1.20.1.


Prism Launcher Modrinth Launcher

Honestly, not a whole lot to say here. This has just been the collection of mods that I've added over the past year or so to help improve my survival experience. Most of those changes happened when I transitioned over from the Forge ecosystem to Fabrics, as there was a couple of mods I wanted that were Fabric-only. Majority of these mods are informational or add to the ambiance of the game, but there's a couple like Litematica, MiniHUD, and Freecam that help with building some large scale farms and structures.

Included Mods
Name Author Link
3D Skin Layers tr7zw Modrinth
Advancement Plaques Grend Modrinth
Ambient Enviroment Jaredlll08 Modrinth
Ambient Sounds creativemd Modrinth
AppleSkin squeek502 Modrinth
Architectury API shedaniel Modrinth
bad packets deirn Modrinth
Better Advancements way2muchnoise Curseforge
Better Enchanted Books Bernasss12 Modrinth
Better Mount HUD Lortseam Modrinth
Better Ping Display vladmarica Modrinth
Better Statistics Screen TheCSDev Modrinth
BetterF3 TreyRuffy Modrinth
Blur Motschen Modrinth
Bobby Johni0702 Modrinth
Borderless Mining comp500 Modrinth
CIT Reswen shsupercm Modrinth
Cloth Config API shedaniel Modrinth
Continuity peppercode1 Modrinth
CraterLib hypherionsa Modrinth
CreativeCore creativemd Modrinth
Creeper Firework MarbleGateKeeper Modrinth
Dark Loading Screen A5b84 Modrinth
Dashboard ThatGravyBoat Modrinth
DashLoader alphaqu Modrinth
Entity Texture Features Traben Modrinth
Fabric Language Kotlin modmuss50 Modrinth
Falling Leaves randommcsomethin Modrinth
FerriteCore malte0811 Modrinth
Forge Config API Port Fuzs Modrinth
Freecam hashalite Modrinth
Hat List Potatoboy9999 Modrinth
Horse Stats Vanilla d4rkm0nkey Modrinth
Iceberg Lib Grend Modrinth
Item Highlighter Grend Modrinth
Indium comp500 Modrinth
Inspecio LambdAurora Modrinth
Iris Shaders coderbot Modrinth
Item Physics Lite creativemd Modrinth
Just Enough Breeding Christofmeg Modrinth
Just Enough Effects Descriptions MehVahdJukaar Modrinth
Just Enough Items mezz Modrinth
Just Enough Professions Mrbysco Modrinth
Just Enough Resources way2muchnoise Modrinth
LambdaBetterGrass LambdAurora Modrinth
LambdaDynamicLights LambdAurora Modrinth
Legendary Tooltips Grend Modrinth
Litematica masady Curseforge
Lithium jellysquid3 Modrinth
MaLiLib masady Curseforge
Memory Leak Fix FX Modrinth
MiniHUD masady Curseforge
Mod Menu Prospector Modrinth
More Music arthomnix Modrinth
Mouse Tweaks YaLTeR Modrinth
Mouse Wheelie Siphalor Modrinth
Neat Vazkii Modrinth
No Chat Reports Aizistral Modrinth
Pick Up Notifier Fuzs Modrinth
Presence Footsteps Sollace Modrinth
Prism Grend Modrinth
Puzzles Lib Fuzs Modrinth
Quilted Fabric API Quilt-Holdings Modrinth
Reese's Sodium Options FlashyReese Modrinth
Retraining Mrbysco Modrinth
Show Me Your Skin! enjarai Modrinth
Simple Discord Rich Presence Sunekaer Modrinth
Simple Voice Chat henkelmax Modrinth
Slimy Floor Pouille Curseforge
Sodium jellysquid3 Modrinth
Sodium Extra FlashyReese Modrinth
Sort 16underscore Modrinth
spark lucko Modrinth
Stendhal NebSpaceFarer Modrinth
TieFix j-tai Modrinth
Wavey Capes tr7zw Modrinth
wthit deirn Modrinth
Xaero's Minimap thexaero Modrinth
Xaero's World Map thexaero Modrinth
YetAnotherConfigLib isxander Modrinth
Zoomify isxander Modrinth