Cobblemon Outbreaks++

Adds additional mass outbreaks to Cobblemon. Requires Cobblemon Mod and Cobblemon Mass Outbreaks Mod.


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As I was building the Modded Cobblemon Modpack, I was confused as to why we were getting the same mass outbreaks over and over, with some of the spawns not making sense (i.e. Wailmers spawning in the forest). Turns out biome-specific outbreaks is disabled by default, but also the base Mass Outbreak mod only includes 19 different outbreaks. That's problematic as with turning on biome-specific outbreaks, only 5 or so Pokemon would be able to have an outbreak in our area.

Luckily, the mod is open to having datapacks define their out outbreaks to occur. This datapack adds a mass outbreak for every basic Pokemon in Cobblemon v1.4. All the outbreaks are similar to each other, with the only differences being mainly the species, rarity, and valid biomes it can spawn within. The biomes they can spawn within is based on their natural spawning locations, which is detailed in the documents linked here.

Note: This doesn't include evolved Pokemon or Pokemon added via other datapacks, only base form Pokemon within Cobblemon v1.4.